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Dining menu


Barza cava 92:-

Sparkling wine.

Saint tropez 92:-

Martini Rosso, zingo & orange.

Martini mint92:-

Martini Binaco, fresh mint & freshly squeezed lime.

Martini metz 92:-

Martini Rosso, ginger ale & orange.

Ouzo 26:-/cl

Classic Greek aperitif.

Martini 23:-/cl

Rosso, Bianco eller extra dry.

Campari 24:-/cl

Yeni raki

Arak Ksara


Somersby cider 79:-

Several flavors

Alkoholfree cider 69:-

Soft drinks

30 cl bottle42:-

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Zingo, 7up.

Ramlösa, juice42:-

Mezedes ~ Starters

1. Skordopsomo69:-

Grilled garlic bread with tzatziki

2. Tzatziki 69:-

Yogurt dip with cucumber, garlic & olive oil.

3. Humus69:-

Creamy chickpea dip.

4. Melintzanosalata 69:-

Creamy aubergine dip.

5. Choriatiki 95:-

Greek salad with feta cheese & kalamon olives

6. Tabbouleh sallad 109:-

Parsley salad with tomato & onion.

7. Dolmades 79:-

Rice stuffed grape leaves with tzatziki.

8. Kopanisti79:-

Feta cheese mixture.

9. Tomato salata 92:-

Tomato, onion, feta cheese & olive oil.

10. Tiropitakia 79:-

Deep fried feta cheese filled rolls with tzatzik.

11. Halloumi 89:-

Grilled cheese from Cyprus with tzatziki.

12. Feta 75:-

Feta cheese & kalamon olives.

13. Vegan filode rolls75:-

With sweet and sour sauce.

14. Calamares 92:-

Lightly breaded squid rings with aioli.

15. Scampi 82:-

Deep fried torpedo shrimps with aioli.

16. Chicken pops79:-

 With garlic cream.

17. Garides 99:-

Grilled garlic marinated tiger prawns with tzatziki.

18. Burekakia79:-

Spinach pierogies with tzatziki.

19. Saganaki tiri 109:-

Deep fried aged sheep cheese with honey.

20. Pikilia tiri 149:-

Cheese mix of 4 selected dishes. Grilled halloumi, tiropitakia. Kopanisti- with feta cheese.

21. Appetizer mix- with 8 selected dishes205:-

Fried cheeseroll, garlic bread, halloumi, vegetarian chicken pops artichoke, greek sallad, vine leaf dolmas & tzatziki

Souvlaki ~ Skewers

Choose between: Rice, bulgur, French fries, potato wedges or salad. Each portion includes two skewers. Served with tzatziki, salad & bread.

Pork collar

extra skewers

Chicken fillet

extra skewers

Minced beef

extra skewers

Spicy Minced beef

extra skewers

Pork tenderloin

extra skewers

Lamb fillet

extra skewers

Salmon fillet 265:-

extra skewers

Mix 242:-

Choose two different options: souvlaki from the list above, salmon fillet souvlaki, vegetable souvlaki, or halloumi.

Extra vegetable souvlaki

Extra halloumi49:-

Special piata~ Special dishes

Choose between: Rice, bulgur, French fries, potato wedges or salad

Agapi special 349:-

Grilled entrecote, Lambracks, chickenfillet. souvlaki, halloumi, asparagus, corn on the cob, with tzatziki & bearnaise sauce

Triss i filéer 319:-

Chicken fillet souvlaki, pork tenderloin, lamb fillet with tzatziki.

Xena 349:-

Beef tender loin, lamb fillet, pork tenderloin souvlaki & asparagus corn on the cob, with tzatziki & bearnaise sauce.

Fileto a la greco 369:-

 Grilled Beef tender loin, halloumi, grilled tomato asparagus, corn on the cob, with garlic butter & bearnaise sauce.

Brizola 339:-

Grilled Entrecote, asparagus, corn on the cob, garlic butter & bearnaise sauce.

Bifteki gemisto 299:-

Feta cheese filled minced beef, grilled tomato, asparagus, tzatziki & hot tomato salsa.

Paidakia sharas 349:-

Grilled Lambracks, asparagus, corn on the cob, tzatziki & garlic butter.

Husets bricka - House badge
795:- (For 2 person)

Grilled Beef tender loin, entrecote, lambracks, halloumi, grilled tomato, asparagus, corn on the cob marinated potato wedges, tzatziki, garlic butter & bearnaise sauce.

Pio zesta piata~ More dishes

Choose between: Rice, bulgur, French fries, potato wedeges or salad Served with tzatziki, salad & bread

Gyros 209:-

Shredded pork collar served with gyros sauce

Gyros kotopoulo209:-

Shredded chicken fillet served with gyros sauce

Agapi burgare229:-

Veal burger with fried, onions & mushrooms, dressing, ketchup, sallad, tomato,

served with french fries & pickles.

Pork schnitzel239:-

with béarnaisesauce & tzatziki


Traditional Greek aubergine, potato and minced meat gratin served with tzatziki & fries.

Thalassina~ Fish & seafood

Choose between: Rice, bulgur, French fries, potato wedges or salad.

Calamares 245:-

Lightly breaded squid rings served with tzatziki & aioli .


Tiger prawns served with grilled lemon, tzatziki & aioli


Salmon fillet souvlaki with , grilled lemon, tzatziki & aioli

Scampi 205:-

Breaded & deep fried torpedo shrimps served with tzatziki & aioli.

Poseidon 349:-

Salmon fillet souvlaki, tiger prawns, calamares & scampi. Served with grilled lemon, tzatziki & aioli.

Pangasius fish fillet

Lightly breaded and deep-friend serve with the house aioli.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Choose between: Rice, bulgur, French fries, potato wedges or salad (not for Choriatiki). Served with tzatziki, salad & bread

Choriatiki 215:-

Greek salad with feta cheese & kalamon olives

Halloumi 219:-

Grilled cheese from Cyprus,sun-dried tomatoes & roasted walnuts

Vegetarian mix

Grilled vegetable souvlaki, grilled halloumi , rice stuffed grape leaves, tzatziki & creamy chickpea

Piato vego

A vegetarian mix of 9 selected small dishes: Greek salad, tzatziki, falafel, hummus, halloumi, spinach spirogues, vine leaf dolmas, filo dough cheese rolls and artichoke hearts.

Vegan mix 245:-

Grilled vegetable souvlaki ,falafel, spinach pierogies, artichoke hearts, with creamy chickpea dip & eggplant dip

Pikilia Vegan 275:-

From 9 selected small dishes: Vegetarian rolls, grilled vegetable souvlaki, spinach pierogies, falafel, artichoke hearts, vine leaf dolmas, chickpea mash, aubergine mash & salad.

3-course menu

Choose an optional starter : 395:-/person

Alternative1-19, optional souvlaki dish & optional dessert and coffee


Kids menu

Choose skewer between

Chicken fillet-, minced beef souvlaki, scampi, calamares , halloumi , chicken nugget , hamburgers with cheese & ketchup.


Company menu (meza)

Served to a company of at least 2 persons

Menu 1 325:-/person

12 Cold & hot small dishes, options 1 - 19

Menu 2 395:-/person

12 Cold & hot small dishes, options 1 - 19 and a mix dish from the grill served with rice, bulgur, French fries or potato wedges.

Epidorpia~ Desserts

Kréma 92:-

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate-, strawberry or caramel sauce & fruits


Served with fruit & berries


Walnut filled phyllo pastry in layers with vanilla ice cream & fruits.

Sokolata 99:-

Hot chocolate fondant with fluent chocolate filling served with ice cream, berries & fruits.

Nima karamelas95:-

Cotton candy with pistachios, vanilla ice cream, banana & chocolate sauce.

Tsips kremas99:-

Cream filled filo pastry rolls topped with, pistachio ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Kids kremas75:-

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate or strawberry sauce.

For gluten-free or lactose-free dessert, ask the staff.

Kafes ~ Coffee

Espresso 39:-


Frappe 55:-

Greek ice coffe

Coffee/tea 39:-

Cappuccino 45:-

Cafe latte 49:-


Coffee drinks 5cl

Greek coffee 135:-

Coffee, Metaxa, Ouzo & cream.

Irish coffee 135:-

Coffee, Jameson & cream.

Baileys coffee 135:-

Coffee, Baileys & cream.

Kaffe karlsson 135:-

Coffee, Baileys, Cointreau & cream.

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